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Chalkwell to Take Over 334 Bus Service

We are very pleased to announce that we will be taking over the 334 bus service from 24 July, between Sittingbourne and Sheerness. The Stagecoach x3 will continue to run between Sittingbourne and Maidstone, with customers able to change buses betweeen the two services. The X3 also serves Faversham and Canterbury.

Chalkwell Managing Director Roland Eglinton said “The 334 service provides a vital link for the people of Swale. In recent years the service has been downsized, but users can look forward to an expanded service with buses every 30 minutes throughout most of the day. Areas such as Iwade are growing rapidly, so there is an even greater need for buses that we are aiming to meet”.

There is more good news, in that Chalkwell will continue to take part in the Governments £2 maximum fare scheme across the whole network, so that users of the new 334 can benefit from the discount scheme.

Timetables and specific details are not yet available, but will follow in the next few weeks.

Details of exisiting Chalkwell services, including school buses, can be found here 

Information on the Stagecoach X3 to Canterbury and Maidstone can be found here.