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Ukrainian Arrivals to Travel For Free on Chalkwell Buses

With the recent events in Ukraine we are expecting a number of displaced people to arrive in the UK over the next few weeks. Chalkwell are working with the UK Government and we will providing free travel on our buses for arrivals with a Ukrainin passport. While the Government scheme only asks for free transport for the first 48 hours after reaching the UK, we are going further than that and providing free transport for Ukrainians for the next three months on our local buses.

On boarding one of our buses, anyone who presents a valid Ukrainian passport will be entitled to travel for free. As people become assimilated to life in the UK, access transport for education, employment, shopping and healthcare is going to be essential.

Chalkwell Managing Director, Roland Eglinton, said “These people have been through a terrible ordeal, and we wanted to help them the best way we could. Travelling by bus is a great way to get around, especially with fuel prices being so high. By allowing Ukrainians to travel on our services they can hopefully settle into life here. There may be some challenges ahead, not least with language, but also because many of these people will have suffered a degree of trauma. However, I’m confident that our staff will rise to the occasion”.

The free travel facility is valid until 30th June 2022.