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New Island Buses Timetables for Sheppey

We are introducing some changes to our 360/361/362 and 367 services from Tuesday 19th April 2022.

The changes are:

  • The 367 service between Warden Point and Sheerness is reduced due to low usage. We will retain a sevice at key shopping times, which is also extended to connect Eastchurch and Minster with Neats Court (Morrisons).
  • All children with KCC passes who currently travel on the 367 will be allowed to travel on the 360 service, which is amended to serve more parts of Eastchurch.
  • There are minor changes to the 360, 361 and 362 services.
  • A limited number of 360 journeys will be amended to serve Eastchurch Prisons.

Timetables can be viewed at