With schools set to return we have followed Government guidance in relation to Covid-19 and will be introducing a number of additional school buses from the start of term. This is to provide more capacity and will also designate certain journeys as ‘student only’ in order to avoid mixing school children with the general public.

The changes are:

Service NumberArea ServedSchools ServedChangesTimetable
326/327/328Upchurch, Lower Halstow, NewingtonAll Sittingbourne Secondary, Medway SchoolsAdditional buses at school times.
Certain journeys are student only.
Island BusesSheerness and MinsterAll Sittingbourne SecondaryAdditional buses.
All journeys are student only
Island Buses
321Iwade, Milton RegisAll Sittingbourne SecondaryAdditional buses.
All journeys are student only
344/345Newnham, Doddington, Conyer, Teynham, BredgarAll Sittingbourne SecondaryAn additional bus on the 345 between Lynstead (0808) and Teynham High Street (0813) and Sittingbourne, and on the 1549 from Stanhope Avenue344/345
662Teynham, Doddington, NewnhamFaversham - The Abbey School and Queen Elizabeth'sAn additional bus alongside the main bus.662
HS2/HS3Ashford, Bethersden, WoodchurchHomewood, TenterdenAn additional bus will operate between Ashford and Tenterden.
All journeys are student only.
HS7/HS8Charing, Egerton, PluckleyHomewood, TenterdenAn additional bus will operate between Charing, Pluckley and Tenterden.
All journeys are student only.

Information about Chalkwell school buses can be found here.

All other services not shown here will operate as normal.

School Bus Specific Measures

Following official guidance from the Government in relation to school buses, the measures below have been taken in order to provide Covid-Secure transport:

  • School buses are covered by our risk assessments and the preventative measures shown here, including disinfectant fogging and updated cleaning procedures.
  • Standing will not be permitted on any school journeys
  • Side and rear-facing seats will be sectioned off and are not to be used.
  • The seats closer to the driver will be sectioned off and are not to be used, except where there is a physical barrier in place.
  • Where different schools travel together on the same vehicle they should sit in their respective school groups.
  • Customers should observe social distancing rules while waiting at bus stops and other boarding areas.
  • According to Government advice, face coverings are recommended but are not mandatory on journeys designated ‘Student only’. Face coverings should be worn on all other journeys.
  • Journeys designated ‘Student only’, or that are not normally open to the general public, are not subject to social distancing and children can share a double seat.
  • Additional buses will not be able to take contactless payment, however this facility will be available on all other school buses.
  • Cash payment, Kent Travel Saver and 16+ passes will be accepted on all school bus services

As you can appreciate, the guidance and requirements are changing rapidly. Therefore, the information shown here is subject to change.