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Revised School Bus Services from 18th January 2021

Several of our school bus services will be reduced from Monday 18th January 2021, due to reduced numbers of children travelling. We will still be providing some services, so that vulnerable and key worker children can get to and from school.

Service NumberArea ServedSchools ServedChangesTimetable
326/327/328Upchurch, Lower Halstow, NewingtonAll Sittingbourne Secondary, Medway SchoolsAll 'S' marked morning journeys are suspended. The 0657 from Medway Hospital will serve Upchurch Chuch at 0729 (not Granny's Green) and Lower Halstow at 0739.
The 1512 'S' journeys from Westlands are suspended. The 1455 from Chatham will serve Chatham Grammar School.
Island Buses and 321Sheerness and Minster and IwadeAll Sittingbourne SecondaryA revised service will be in placeIsland Bus and 321 Jan 2021
332StockburyAll Sittingbourne SecondaryThis service is suspended
662Teynham, Doddington, Newnham,Faversham - The Abbey School and Queen Elizabeth'sThis will operate as normal662
664 and 666Conyer and FavershamTeynham, Lynstead and SheldwichThese departures are suspended
HS2/HS3Ashford, Bethersden, WoodchurchHomewood, TenterdenHS3 to operate as normal. All other journeys are suspendedHS2/HS3
HS7/HS8Charing, Egerton, PluckleyHomewood, TenterdenHS7 suspended from 29th January. HS8 Suspended from 18th January.HS7/HS8

If you require a journey to get your child to and from school which is currently suspended, please contact us at