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If you need to get your staff to work without using public transport, why not contact Chalkwell.

We have a variety of vehicle sizes and have implemented a number of Covid-Secure measures in order to minimise any risks associated with the coronavirus.

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We have adopted these measures across our fleet, including our local service buses.

The Covid-Secure measures include:

  • Careful consideration of Government and Public Health England guidelines
  • Thorough risk assessments covering our vehicles and premises
  • Notices on vehicles to encourage social distancing
  • The seats nearest the driver have been cordoned off to protect our staff
  • Issue of PPE to all staff
  • Revised cleaning procedures including disinfection of touch points.
  • Hand wash information around the premises
  • The rollout of contactless ticket machines, to reduce cash handling on buses.

Coronavirus safety advice by UK Gov and NHS

We can quote to move your staff, either on a single occasion or as a regular requirement.