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Changes to School Buses Serving Westlands

From 29th October buses will no longer be able to set down and pick up in the Westlands School grounds. This creates a number of practical difficulties, as there is not a ready-made alternative nearby.

We have worked closely with KCC Highways to come up with new arrangments.

Morning drop off:

  • IB1, 327 and 328 – A2, The Billet and Keyways
  • 321 – Adelaide Drive
  • 332 – A2 stops and Adelaide Drive


  • IB1 and 328 – A2 opposite Keyways (depart 1510) and opposite The Billet
  • 327 – A2 opposite Keyways and opposite The Billet (depart 1510)
  • 332 – Adelaide Drive, opposite Sydney Avenue (depart 1515)
  • 321 – Adelaide Drive, opposite Perth Gardens (depart 1515)
  • IB3 – Adelaide Drive, opposite Sydney Avenue

While these changes are not as ideal as being able to serve the school grounds, please be assured that we have made every effort to minimise inconvenience, and the situation is not of our making.

Please note that we accept KCC Travel Saver and 16+ Passes, details of which can be found here.

Our Youth 11-19 tickets can be purchased on the buses, and cost just £3 per day or £10 per week. Chalkwell timetable details can be found here.