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Ultra Low Emission Buses for Swale

Air quality and vehicle emissions are a key concern for modern society. That’s why we have recently unveiled our Ultra Low Emission buses for Swale, that conform to the toughest Euro 6 emission standards. The buses are fitted with equipment supplied by Green Urban that reduces the harmful emissions to below the level of a new car.

The vehicles also show our stunning new all-red colour scheme.

Managing Director Roland Eglinton said “These are the greenest vehicles we’ve ever operated, and show our commitment to the environment and sustainability. Cars are the biggest single polluters, but we believe in doing our bit so our customers can travel by public transport knowing they are making a positive contribution. The new colour scheme really stands out and should catch the public’s eye”.

Details of Chalkwell bus services can be found here.

For information on vehicle emissions visit the Low Carbon Vehicle Partnership

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