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Coach operators like Chalkwell have a legal responsibility to manage our drivers time in such a way as they get the right amount of breaks from driving, and time off to rest and recuperate.

This area of our business is closely monitored by enforcement agencies, and we are required by law to keep comprehensive records.

When Chalkwell was founded in 1931 this would have been paper diaries, later progressing to wax tachograph discs. In order to stay at the forefront of compliance Chalkwell have signed up with TruTac, which is a digital system for recording and monitoring driver’s hours.

Not only does the TruTac system give up to date monitoring and analysis, drivers can also benefit from using a mobile-based app to log in and check their own activities.

Chalkwell customers and other road users can be assured that Chalkwell are leading the way when it comes to ensuring our staff have the right amount of time off and rest so that they can be at their best when behind the wheel.

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