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A2 Closure 6th-11th August Keycol Hill

The A2 at Keycol Hill between Key Street and Newington is due to be closed from 6th to 11th August, with UK Power Networks carrying out work. This will cause considerable disruption to the 326/327 service, as the published diversion is via Calloways Lane, which is too narrow for buses.

All 326/327 buses will operate from Sittingbourne to Key Street, then via the A249 and M2 to Rainham Mark Tesco and then normal route to Medway Hospital and Chatham. The reverse will happen on journeys towards Sittingbourne.

In order that residents of Upchurch, Lower Halstow and Newington receive a basic level of service, a minibus will be in place at the following times and use the diversion route:

Ottherham Quay0924
Upchurch Church0930
Lower Halstow0936
Newington 0945
Sittingbourne Bus Hub 0956
Sittingbourne Bus Hub1230
Lower Halstow1250
Upchurch Church 1257
Otterham Quay1303

We apologise for any inconvenience, but this situation is outside of our control.