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334 Service – Saturday 8th June

With the Kingsferry Bridge closed for the weekend of 8th and 9th June, we are having to amend the Saturday 334 service temporarily.

From Sittingbourne, buses will operate as far as Sonora Fields, Jacinth Drive. They will then join the main A249 and go directly to Queenborough Morrisons. The opposite will happen on journeys from Sheerness.

This means that the 334 bus will not serve Quinton Road, Sheppey Way and Iwade. There will be a shuttle minibus serving these places at the same times as the 334, connecting with the main bus at the Sonora Fields, Jacinth Drive stop. The shuttle minibus will run from 0946 at Jacinth Drive, up to the 1432 at Iwade.

A timetable can be found here.

Please be aware that we are also dealing with the slip road closures at the Grovehurst junction redevelopment. Our staff are trying to provide a service under very challenging circumstances. We appreciate your patience and courtesy.