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326/327/328 Timetable Changes from 24th February 2020

In recent months the 326/327/328 service has been affected by the SGN roadworks along the A2, causing delays throughout the day. We have a legal duty to run a punctual service, and we also know this is what our customers deserve and expect. These roadworks are due to run until October 2020.

A number of users and residents also submitted responses to our consultation, which was carried out prior to making any changes. We appreciate the time taken to respond, and the insight it gave us was invaluable.

Working with SGN and KCC we have now been able to achieve a position where there is a revised timetable to take into account the extended journey times, with no overall loss of service.

The key features are:

  • More direct 326 services between Sittingbourne and Medway.
  • One journey in each direction will meet up with a smaller feeder vehicle to serve Lower Halstow and Upchurch. This will mean catching a 326 for the first part of the journey and then changing a feeder bus in either Newington or Rainham.
  • The busiest morning 327 journeys will still provide a same-seat experience, with no need to change to a feeder vehicle.
  • The villages of Upchurch and Lower Halstow will still receive the same number of bus departures.
  • The current 0930 from Upchurch to Sittingbourne will depart at 0924. Holders of Concessionary passes, which are not accepted before 0930, can purchase a discounted single fare for just £2. Passes will be accepted on all other journeys after 0930.
  • There are minor changes to the morning school buses into Sittingbourne, with the 327 serving Horsham Lane, then Oak Lane and direct to the A2 and Newington. The 328 will start from Lower Halstow.

The new timetable can be found here.

For updates on roadworks please check here.

While we do need to make changes to take account of the roadworks, I do hope that users can appreciate that we have tried to minimise any inconvenience. Where possible, we have introduced minor service improvements, benefiting users overall.