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150 Bus Service – January 2024

From 3rd January 2024 Chalkwell will be operating the 150 journeys to and from Aylesford School, picking up in Walderslade and Lordswood. The timetable is shown below:

Morrisons, Princes Avenue0645Aylesford School1520
Kingston Crescent0648Somerfield Hospital, Stop A1534
Lynton Drive0649Maidstone West, Rocky Hill, Stop U1536
The Kestrel Schopping Centre0653Maidstone east Railway Station, (Stop N)1545
Gleaming Wood Dr, Timber Tops0657Ringlestone, Chatham Road Petrol Station1548
Redwood Close0659The Running Horse, Northbound1549
Walderslade Primary School0702Cobtree Golf Course1550
Walderslade, Village Centre0704Kit's Coty, Salisbury Road Northbournd1553
Tunbury Avenue0706Blue Bell Hill Village, adj Keefe Close1556
Impton Lane, Alexandra Hospital0710Blue Bell Hill Village, before Bridgewood Roundabout1600
Blue Bell Hill Village, Keefe Close0719Impton Lane, Alexandra Hospital1608
Kits Coty, Salisbury Road0722Tunbury Avenue1612
Tyland Barn0725Walderslade, Village Centre1614
The Running Horse0732Princes Park, adj Morrisons1616
Ringlestone, Footbridge0734Kingston Crescent1619
Maidstone East Railway Station (Stop O)0740Lynton Drive1620
Maidstone West Railway Station0750The Kestrel Shopping Centre1624
Somerfield Hospital0753Gleaming Wood Dr, Timber Tops1628
Aylesford School0809Redwood Close1630
Walderslade Primary School1633


The £2 National Bus Fare Cap tickets are avialable on this service.

Child fares will only be issued after 0900.

Return fares cannot be issued on sections of route that are common with Arriva.

Kent Travel Saver and 16+ passes will be3 accepted on journeys boarding within Kent.

Medway half-passes will be accepted on journeys boarding within Medway.

Concessionary fares are accepted on this service when valid, after 0930 within Kent and 0900 within Medway.