GoCard Update



GoCard Update 28.5.2015

Payment Portal We are still busy working on the secure online payment portal. We want to have the opportunity to test this properly before making it public, which should be during the week commencing 1st June. We apologise for this delay, but customers can still purchase Monday to Friday tickets on the coach or purchase GoCards and top-ups by giving us a call on 01795 423982. For the week of 1st June you can purchase 5 Day (Monday to Friday) tickets at today’s prices.

Set Period GoCards We did previously advise that anyone with an existing SuperSaver or 4 week ticket will be sent a set period GoCard. However, due to  an unforeseen issue set period GoCards will now be sent out when you make your first purchase. Please allow five working days for your first card to get to you, and three working days for top ups.

Paper 10-Journey Tickets – If you have one of these with some unused travel you can continue to use this up until the end of June 2015, which will be clipped by the driver as you board. After this you will need to purchase a Multi-Journey GoCard.

Thank you for your understanding, and we look forward to having you travel with us. For more information about our commuter services, including GoCards visit www.commuteforless.co.uk