GoCard Update


Having started the GoCard system in June it is now an appropriate time to review some parts of the system and let you know about some changes that will be implemented.


We are working with our partners to reduce the amount of time it takes for top ups to be loaded onto GoCards from the current three working days to something much more timely. This is largely out of our hands but we hope it will not be too long and we will advise our customers closer to the time. In the meantime, customers need to make a purchase three working days before they intend to use their GoCard.

Changes to Multi-Journey Go Cards from Monday 21st September 2015

Many customers have discovered the benefits of our multi-journey GoCards, not least that they only pay for the journeys that they use. There is a practice of some multi-journey customers not topping up in time and using the printed receipt for a top-up instead of scanning when they board. Please be aware that customers should only board coaches with enough credit on their GoCard for the journey they are about to make and plan top-ups three working days in advance.

From Monday 21st September receipts for multi-journey top-ups will not be accepted for travel. If you board one of our coaches and your multi-journey card is declined by the ticket machine then you will be required to pay a standard cash fare (single, daily or 5 day) or you will not be allowed to travel.

If you believe that you have topped up and there may be an issue with your multi-journey GoCard or the ticket machine then we can investigate and take corrective action. If there is a fault with our system then provided you send us the ticket you purchased on the coach we will gladly reimburse you for your cash purchase.

Changes to Set Period and Annual Go Cards from Monday 21st September 2015

Receipts for top-ups on these ticket types will continue to be accepted for three working days from the date of the initial purchase. If a passenger boards and their GoCard is declined the driver will allow that person to travel on the first occasion only. The driver or ticket collector will write down the sixteen digits on the GoCard and report it to our office at the end of the journey. The office staff will then investigate to see whether there is a problem with the GoCard or the person has not topped up. If the GoCard is being used without credit it will be deactivated and the customer will be required to pay a cash fare until they make another top-up. However, if there is an issue with the GoCard or the ticket machine and it is our fault we can take appropriate action and issue a replacement if necessary.

We would like to thank our customers for continuing to choose Chalkwell to get you to and from London. By making these changes we can keep improving the GoCard system, which continues to offer convenience, flexibility and great savings.