Commuter Services Conditions of Carriage

Timetables: The times published are those which Chalkwell Coach Hire believe coaches will maintain but incidents may arise which cannot be foreseen or avoided. Liability cannot be accepted for losses arising from failure to adhere to the timetable for circumstances beyond our control. We reserve the right to alter timetables and routes traversed as required.

Tickets (Including Smart cards): Tickets are not transferable and remain the property of the Company throughout their validity. Tickets must be presented to the driver or ticket collector and withdrawn in case of misuse, e.g. use by a person other than to whom the ticket was issued. Passengers may not travel without a valid ticket and anyone who has purchased a season ticket but is not carrying it with them when boarding a coach will be required to purchase a ticket to travel, the cost of which is not refundable. Passengers must also carry photographic ID with them and be prepared to present this on demand. Tickets and smartcards may not be transferred to anyone else in order to travel with it.

  1. Service operates Monday to Friday, excluding Bank Holidays. Special services operate over Christmas and New Year.
  2. Return journeys from London cover the same stops as the morning route.
  3. Passengers wishing to alight at Tollgate, Black Prince or Bridgewood must inform the driver on boarding.
  4. Coaches stop at all recognised bus stops on request. Between the London/Kent boundary and New Covent Garden coaches stop only at the places shown in the timetable.
  5.  Weekly tickets are based on a Monday to Friday five-day week. In the event of a bank holiday weekly tickets will be sold at 80% of the usual price for a four-day week and 60% for a three-day week. Prices will be rounded up to the nearest whole pound. Picking up and setting down points in London are available.
  6. All times shown are subject to traffic conditions and circumstances beyond our control.
  7. Passengers carried on any journey entirely within Kent and London will be carried at the standard daily rate irrespective of journey length. There are no ‘local’ fares, however we do operate flat fares for journeys entirely within Kent or London.
  8. Services are operated subject to our terms and conditions, which are available on request.
  9. Children under 14 are not permitted to travel unless accompanied by a fare paying adult. A fare must be paid for the child.
  10. Smartcard tickets that are unused for 90 days or more will be deactivated until such time as the customer contacts us in order to reactivate the smartcard. In the case of multi-journey tickets no refund will be issued. All other refunds will be provided in accordance with our refunds policy (below).


Annual Seasons - Any refund will be calculated for up to 40 weeks travel from date of commencement of travel and after that period no refund is payable. A refund will be calculated on the cost of the ticket less the cost of the number of monthly tickets, five day tickets and day return tickets that would have been necessary to cover travel on the expired portion. Refunds for tickets paid for by company cheques will be paid to that company unless authorised otherwise in writing by that company. A £35 administration charge shall apply to any refund.

Period Tickets (Four and Five week) - A refund will be based on the cost of the ticket less the cost of the number of five day tickets and day return tickets that would have been necessary to cover travel of the days expired portion. A £35 administration charge shall apply to any refund.

Refunds in the case of sickness will not be available to season ticket holders but the period of validity will be extended by the issue of a new ticket taking into account the number of working days that the ticket is lodged with the company. A doctor's or a hospital certificate or letter confirming the inability to work must accompany the claim.

Replacement annual and four weekly tickets will be issued at £20

No refunds will be issued until the customer’s smartcard has been returned to Chalkwell

No replacement tickets can be issued for five day, multi-journey (e.g. 10 and 40 journey), or day return tickets.

Tickets purchased at a discounted rate through short-term promotions are non refundable.

Luggage: Only lightweight items may be placed in the overhead rack and passengers are asked to place briefcases and other property of that nature on the floor within their seat space. Large items will be accommodated in the underfloor or rear lockers on request to the driver, subject to limit of 20 kilograms per item. Nothing may be allowed to obstruct gangways or exits. Any article that may prove a danger to persons on the coach or injurious to their property may be refused entry.


Chalkwell Garage and Coach Hire Ltd are not liable for any damage caused to or loss of any property which belongs to a person and is left in the vehicle.


Behaviour of passengers: The driver of any Chalkwell Coach Hire managerial or supervisory staff is empowered to require a passenger to leave a coach should their behaviour be a danger to themselves or a danger or a nuisance to other passengers or to other road users. Such behaviour shall include consumption of alcohol, noise from any instrument, radio or recorded sound player, excessive use of mobile phones, damage to vehicles and property, excessive littering and threatening behaviour.

In these circumstances offenders may be refused future travel and ticket may be cancelled without refund.

The carrying or consumption of any drugs without a prescription is not permitted.

Chalkwell Garage and Coach Hire Ltd are not liable for injury, damage or loss to any passenger who enters or leaves a vehicle whilst in motion.

Registration of Smart Cards

Customers are responsible for registering smart cards and for providing accurate information at the time of registration. It is the responsibility of the customer to provide details of any changes to name, address etc.  as soon as possible.

Annual, Period (Four and Five Week) and Multi-Journey Tickets

 Tickets can be purchased from the office with either cash, cheque, by credit card made payable to Chalkwell Coach Hire, or online. All applications must be paid for in advance of issue. No ticket will be issued unless it is paid for.

Applications can be made by post, in person to the office or online. A photograph must be submitted with the first application. Your ticket will be posted to the address stated on the application.

In the case of illness only, you may deposit your ticket at the office. You must provide a doctor's certificate or hospital letter (a self certificating form is not acceptable) to cover the period that your ticket is held. When you return to work you will be issued with a new ticket with the expiry date extended to match the number of travelling days missed. No allowance will be made for any days other than when the ticket is at our office.

Any lost annual or four weekly ticket must be reported to the office immediately. A duplicate ticket will be issued upon receipt of an administration fee of £20. Journeys made whilst awaiting issue of replacement must be paid for on the coach and are not refundable.

This season ticket must be carried on every journey, without it you will be required to purchase a ticket to travel, the cost of which is not refundable.

 Daily Tickets

These are issued on the coach on the day of travel, online or in advance from our office.

Daily tickets are not transferable or refundable.

Multi-Journey Tickets (10 journey and 40 journey)

These are issued either online or from our office.

Multi-journey tickets are not transferable of refundable.

Must be presented for endorsement at the time of travel.

Weekly Season Tickets

These are issued either online or on the coach on the day of travel. Weekly season tickets are issued on Monday am/pm and Tuesday morning journeys only. All weekly season tickets are valid until Friday afternoon of the week in which the ticket was issued.

Weekly season tickets are not transferable or refundable.

Seat Belts

Customers are required by law to wear a seat belt in the correct manner at all times that the vehicle is in motion. Passengers who refuse to wear a seat belt may be refused travel.

Carriage of Animals

With the exception of registered guide or assistance animals, animals may not travel on our commuter services.

Food and Drink

Customers may consume drinks and cold food on our commuter coaches. All beverages must have a safety lid to prevent spillage. Customers are required to take all rubbish with them on disembarkation, and Chalkwell reserve the right to charge appropriately for cleaning should a mess be made, subject to a reasonable estimate of the level of cleaning required.