About GoCard

What is Chalkwell GoCard?

Chalkwell GoCard is a way of buying and using tickets for our London commuter services. It’s a card similar to an Oyster that has an electronic chip that stores your ticket on it.

Once you have your Chalkwell GoCard it can be topped up (online, via telephone, or at our offices) when your ticket expires, so you can use it again and again.


Why should I use a Chalkwell GoCard?

There are lots of reasons:

Convenient – no need to get money out of the bank prior to travelling and fumbling around with cash on the coach. Simply make your purchase through our online shop

It’s safe – payments are made through our accredited payment system.

Peace of mind – if you lose your Chalkwell GoCard we can suspend the card so no one else can use it. You can be issued a replacement, although there is a small administration charge.


What types of Chalkwell GoCards are there?

There are three types of Chalkwell GoCards:

Multi Journey – these have the most flexibility. Simply top up by two, four, ten, twenty or forty journeys and use them as and when you please. Perfect for people with irregular travel patterns or those who spend some of the week working from home.

Period tickets – These can be used to buy travel for five days (Monday to Friday), four weeks or five weeks (731 service only). When you pay for your first period GoCard you can then make subsequent top-ups with the same amount of days as your original first purchase.

Annual – This is the cheapest way to travel if you work in London all of the time. Just make your yearly purchase.

Customers can also buy paper tickets from the driver when they board, limited to five-day, four day, daily, single and local journeys.

There are separate Chalkwell GoCards for the 731 (Sittingbourne and Medway) and 780-784 (Maidstone) services. GoCards purchased for the 780-784 can be used on our 731 service, but 731 GoCards will not be accepted on the 780-784 service.


I’m new to Chalkwell. How do I get a GoCard?

If you contact us via our free trial offer we will send you a multi-journey ticket with six journeys already on it. Just go online and top-up your card once you’ve decided to keep travelling with us. Alternatively you could register and pay for an annual, multi journey or period ticket. See our latest offers.

If you just want to start commuting without using the free trail then go online and register, make your first purchase and we will send you your GoCard. As it’s your first purchase you will need to give at least five days before you intend to travel so the GoCard can be sent out by post.


What about topping up my GoCard?

You have three ways of doing this:

  • Through our online secure payment shop.
  • By telephoning us on 01795 423982, remembering to have your GoCard and credit/debit card to hand.
  • In person at our main office 195 Chalkwell Rd, Sittingbourne ME10 1BJ. Opening hours are 08.00am to 5.30pm Monday to Friday and 08.30am to 12.30 on Saturdays.

Please be aware that top-ups must be carried out using one of these three methods, as drivers and ticket collectors do not have the facility to do top-ups on the coach.

Once you have paid for your top-up online it should take around three working days to go onto your card. You will also receive a receipt by email. If you pay in person at our office the top-up will be added to your card straight away and commences when you first scan it on a coach.

We recommend you carry your printed receipt with you for the first two days in case there is a delay with processing the top-up. Printed receipts for period and annual tickets will be accepted for the first 72 hours from the date of purchase in the event that your top-up doesn't go through on time.

Please note that receipts for multi-journey top ups (2,4,10,20 and 40 journeys) will not be accepted for travel. If you have a multi-journey GoCard please plan your top ups in good time or you will need to pay a full cash fare on the coach.


Can I have more than one type of Chalkwell GoCard?

Yes you can. It isn’t possible to mix different types of tickets on the same GoCard. For example, you couldn’t top-up a period ticket (that you have used for a four week ticket) with a single week or two journeys, for example. Once a period GoCard has been used as a weekly ticket it can only then be used as a weekly ticket, and the same for four week tickets.

To get around this you can have more than one GoCard. For example, if you normally travel using a four week ticket but you only want to buy one week because you are going on holiday, you can keep a second period GoCard for buying odd weeks at a time. You just have to remember which card is which!


What about renewing my annual?

Annual GoCards have a fixed expiry, so we will send you out a new one when you pay online for your renewal. Please make your payment five working days before you need to use your new annual to allow us to process the top-up and send you your new GoCard.


How do I use my Chalkwell GoCard?

When you board the coach have your Chalkwell GoCard ready. There will be a ticket machine at the front of the coach with either a blue or a yellow touchpad.

Simply hold your GoCard up against this until the light turns green. You have ‘tapped on’ and you can sit back and enjoy your journey.


What if the light doesn't go green?

Show your receipt – If you have a receipt for an annual or fixed period GoCard purchased within the last 72 hours then show this to the driver on boarding and you will be allowed to travel. If the issue persists after 72 hours you will need to purchase a cash fare until it is resolved.  If the problem is with our system we will investigate and issue a refund for your cash expenses.

Pay for a daily ticket – if you don’t have a receipt for your annual or fixed period GoCard, or you have a multi-journey GoCard you will be required to buy a daily ticket from the driver, which is not refundable.

Receipts for multi-journey top-ups will not be accepted for travel.


Can I pay on the coach?

Five-day (Monday to Friday), four-day, single and daily tickets can still be bought on the coach, as can local journeys on the 731 service. Please pay the driver on boarding and you will be issued a paper ticket. However, you can get significant discounts if you buy these tickets in advance online with a Chalkwell GoCard.

Just keep your paper ticket on you as proof that you have paid for your journey in case a member of staff asks you for it.


How do I know when my GoCard will run out?

If you have a period or annual GoCard we will automatically send you a reminder email a week before expiry.

If you are using a multi-journey GoCard the ticket machine on the coach will print off a reminder when you get down to your last few journeys. Also, the driver can tell you how many journeys you have left.

What if I have a problem with my GoCard or it gets lost?

Just give us a call on 01795 423982 or send an email. If your card is lost then we will suspend it so it can’t be used, however there will be a small administration fee for sending you a replacement.


Information updated August 2016.